How do I receive the reading?2020-07-19T13:47:33+02:00

After you have completed your order and made payment we will manually prepare the reading for you. Please allow 2-24 hours for delivery to your mail inbox. You will then receive the reading in both pdf and flip book format to your inbox.

Payment options2020-07-19T13:46:25+02:00

You have the option to choose from 4 currencies in our webshop, exchange rates updated every 30 minutes.

At checkout you can either choose to pay via your PayPalaccount or by using your credit card. Payments by credit card are handled by Stripe Payment Gateway. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Depending on your choice of currency at checkout the following options are available.

For SEK and USD you can choose between Paypal and credit card

For GBP and EUR you can only pay by credit card

How to enter name & birth information correctly2020-07-19T13:45:09+02:00


Enter the full name exactly as it is listed on the birth certificate, even if it is not the name used now. Do not include spaces, other characters, or extensions such as Jr, III, etc.

  • Adoption: In the case of adoption, use the first known name, whether given by the biological parents or the adoptive parents, even if that name was only used for a few days or weeks. Generally, in case of doubt, use the name given by the biological parents. Do not use generic names such as Jane Doe. If you are unsure, use the name you feel most closely fits you.
  • Foreign Names: The app currently does not support names with foreign characters. Use only names that use the 26 letters of the English alphabet.


Enter the first and last name you currently use when introducing yourself in social settings, even if you usually just give your first name.

Do not use your middle name unless you commonly use it daily.

Do not use your business or pen name unless you also use it socially.

  • When to include your middle name: Your middle name should be always be entered in the BIRTH NAME column even if you have never used it. Some cultures do not use a middle name, in which case this field will be left blank. Your middle name should NOTbe included in the NAME YOU USE NOWcolumn unless you use it consistently when introducing yourself in social settings.
  • Nicknames: If you consistently use a nickname as your first name, even if it is not considered a “real” name, use that. When in doubt, ask yourself what you would say if someone woke you abruptly from a deep sleep and asked your name.


Use the date on your birth certificate. In case of doubt due to lost paperwork or adoption, use your best guess.

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